Here goes…

Starting a blog is both exciting and scary at the same time.  I’ve been envisioning starting a blog for years, but to actually go ahead and do it, well that’s another thing.  On one hand it is empowering, but on the other I feel vulnerable.  This is not what I’m used to doing in my day-to-day life…I’m not used to talking about myself, I normally like to take the listener role.

I’ve been asking myself many questions like: What do I write? What do you want to read? What do you definitely NOT want to read about? What if I upset you and it is too much? ….and most importantly…Where do I start??

Let’s start with, hi. I’m Elizabeth and I have breast cancer, invasive ductal carcinoma to be exact.  This diagnosis is what motivated me to actually start writing this blog. My vision for this blog is that it will be an outlet for me to express my journey in this ‘process’, a way to communicate to friends and family without having to repeat my story over and over, and lastly and possibly most importantly, I want to help others.  I want people to know that they are not alone.  I hope that you continue to join me on this journey of self-discovery and cancer ass-whooping!!

3 thoughts on “Here goes…

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  1. Elizabeth,
    So beyond proud of you for putting yourself out there, for opening up and allowing all of us to be right by your side through this journey…
    BoobyTrap… love it❣

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  2. Great choice for the blog name. I will most definitely be following along! And now I won’t have to ask you a million questions! 😀 Hugs from Winnipeg.

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